About Us

We are so excited to let you know about Chui Expedition and ECO limited.  We specialize in a variety of tour safaris. This tour company was born from our love of nature and people.  We believe that everybody on earth should visit, experience, and enjoy this wonderful part of the world.

The reason for starting the tour company was due to a personal love of Nature and people of which we think everybody in the world should come and enjoy this part of the wonderful world.


The people of Tanzania are lovely, friendly, and welcoming.  Visitors are charmed by the welcoming smiles, and spirits of our people.


Our country Tanzania has different geographical features such as mountains, hills, lakes and rivers. Moreover, our country has beautiful natural forests, bushes, plains savanna with scattered trees. It is very rich in fauna and flora in our very beautiful national parks.


Generosity is important to Chui expedition and ECO Limited. A portion of our proceeds will go to help the people of Tanzania. We believe strongly in furthering education, supporting female-run small businesses, and conserving the environment. Our goal is to not only provide our clients with an unforgettable holiday, but also to improve lives, and support the environment.

Women group:

We were also very inspired by the women group who start their women association with small businesses so as they can support their lives and their families but sometimes they can’t do well due to lack of capital. One of the reasons for starting this safari company is that part of the income will support these women groups so that they may improve their lives.


As the environment as a concern, we were so inspired to start the tour company so that part of the income may support environmental conservation.

Tour organization:

Chui Expedition and ECO Limited offers a variety of tours and options to give our dear travelers an experience that will fit their budget and availability. We have highly interactive and educational safari itineraries which will cater to the unique needs of our clients. Please come spend your holidays with us, and experience the brilliance and beauty of Tanzania.

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